Mim Paquin

Mim Paquin is a fifth-generation artist who is carrying on her family’s modest legacy though her dedication to acting, singing, writing music, and story-telling.  Her passion shines through all of her work.

As an actress, BackstageNY described Mim as having “a heart of gold”, and as a singer, OperaNews described her as “brilliant”!

Mim’s original music is featured in various television, film and stage productions.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, but is most known for her versatile acting, singing, and songwriting skills.

In 2013, Mim became a fledgling-filmmaker journeying into the world of screenwriting and film production.  In 2014, she established Frogcatcher Films, and since then, has been predominantly writing screenplays, as well as, collaborating with other production companies, working behind the scenes in key roles in the studio, or in front of the camera.