Mim Paquin: actress / singer


Mim Paquin – [MaryAnne L. Paquin] is an award-winning New York based actor, singer, songwriter, film-composer, screenwriter and filmmaker.  The senior editor of Opera News describes Mim as “a brilliant soprano” and Backstage NY describes her as having “noteworthy comedic turns, with a heart of gold”.  She is a graduate of New Bedford, Massachusetts public schools, attended The Boston Conservatory on a full-scholarship for a year, and privately studied acting and singing with two entertainment titans: Michael Shurtleff and Marni Nixon.  Mim became a protégé of Ms. Christina Henson (protégé of Lily Pons and maestro Laszlo Halasz) with whom she studied vocal pedagogy and operatic repertoire for four years.

This multifaceted artist with a full three and a half octave vocal range, began performing on stage in musicals at age 4 and has since performed in over thirty fully-staged play & musical productions, and over one hundred orchestral and choral concerts.  Recent solo orchestral concert appearances include: Spirit of Song Ensemble; The Canadian Chamber Orchestra of New York; Forest Hills Choir; Opera for Humanity; West Village Chorale; Bronx Opera Orchestra; Saint Luke’s Chorale, NY; New York Opera Forum; Park & Bark Opera; New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, as well as, appearances with The SONOS Chamber Orchestra of NY; Chelsea Opera, NY; Cape Cod Chamber Ensemble; Ecclesia Consort of New England; UMass Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra; Bristol Philharmonic Orchestra.

Today, Mim is the owner and operator of Frogcatcher Films, for which she develops original creative for studio and film. She is also a bi-coastal creative and business consultant within the entertainment and media industries.  Mim and her husband Jason Robinette live in New York with their son Zephyr.


Mim Paquin is a New York based actor, singer, screenwriter, songwriter, film composer, filmmaker, described by critics as “formidable,” “mesmerizing,” “jaw-dropping,” and “brilliant.”  She is self-described as having a well-rounded vaudevillian work-ethic with acting and singing legs to stand on.

Adventurous. Boundless. Funny.   Mim has a likable unapologetic confidence with a raw tortured vulnerability and fearless comedic streak.  Every tool is accessible right under the surface.  Her wry, yet outrageous humor will make you wonder: What the hell is she going to do next?

Mim is best known for her diverse acting and versatile singing abilities. Her hallmarks are her speaking & singing voice.  Her physical attributes are reminiscent of classic Hollywood red hair, blue eyes, knowing smile, kissable cheekbones, fair freckled skin, cupid lips, and petite physique.

Fellow collaborators and peers often described Mim as highly creative, a genius, very easy to work with, hands-on, hardworking, tenacious, a positive person, a gifted diva without the diva complex.

Mim is a natural athlete, music & film nerd, naturalist, earth/space science geek, family-style cook, do-it-yourself-er, with a passion for world history, archeology, and has been an amateur genealogist for almost 20 years.